NCP Name change

(CAMBRIDGE, ON, May 20, 2010) On May 11, 2010 Northbridge Capital Partners Inc. (“NCP”) changes its name to NorthSpring Capital Partners Inc. Brian Hunter, President, commented: “We realized that the Northbridge name is used by a number of financial services businesses and in order to avoid any confusion in the marketplace we have decided to change our name. Replacing bridge with spring was very appropriate. The Oxford dictionary definition of the word spring is ‘a sudden jump upwards or forwards’. Helping clients to quickly move their business forward is our primary objective.”

In connection with the name change our website address has been changed to Our existing website and e-mail addresses will remain functional for four months.

About NCP ( NCP is a private equity fund formed by a group of accomplished business executives and entrepreneurs focused on funding management buyouts and growth opportunities. NCP’s subordinated debt and equity investments range from $250,000 to $750,000. The fund’s preferred market is manufacturing, processing, wholesale, and distribution businesses located in Southern Ontario. NCP remains closely affiliated with Northbridge Consultants, a leading provider of SR & ED tax consulting services

For further information contact:
Brian Hunter, President: Tel: 519-721-7144,