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Is a Management Buyout Right for You?


For managers, the decision of whether to pursue a Management Buyout will depend on a detailed analysis the potential risks and rewards. The rewards include the potential for capital appreciation, higher compensation and benefits, the freedom of being your own boss, job security, and the ability to control your future. For many, the opportunity to create your own business strategy and lead its implementation brings tremendous personal satisfaction. The risks include the financial loss of your investment (often borrowed funds), and having to satisfy new obligations to lenders, investors and the vendor. This can be quite stressful and not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.

A partner like NorthSpring Capital Partners can help alleviate some of these risks. Our equity capital reduces your investment requirements and we share in the financial risks of the endeavor. We have participated in numerous leveraged buyouts and management buyouts, and our knowledge and support will reduce the stress of completing your MBO. Northridge Capital Partners also focuses on complimenting the skills of the management team in areas such as strategic planning and improving financial & operational performance. Our network of contacts is invaluable for opening doors to new growth opportunities and significantly enhancing the performance of your business.